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Constructed sometime in the 1920's by Troy Magness, this lovely old building originally housed a Mercantile store that was operated by Curt Robinson, Magness's son-in-law. As with many stores of that time period, Robinson went broke during the depression because so many of his customers were unable to pay their bills. 

The U.S. Post Office was moved into the building in the 1930's. Lloyd Hefley served as both Postmaster and store owner for many years and the building is still often referred to as the "Old Lloyd Hefley Store". 

The store building was closed in 1964 when the Post Office moved to a different location. The main section of the building remained vacant (except for an occasional rummage sale) until 1998 when it was restored to house T&K Floral Designs. It changed hands again in 2015 and additional work is now being done to maintain and improve the structure. It is now the location of Mt. Judea Mercantile and provides a beautiful venue for locals to display and sale their handmade items. 

It is certainly worth the drive to see the interior of the building, browse and purchase unique items, and eat a delicious handmade fried pie!


The building is a time capsule that has preserved the craftsmanship, culture and history of this rural town. Something so large and "fancy" seems a bit out of place here in the middle of nowhere, but it serves as a reminder of just how amazing the "middle of nowhere" can be! The items for sale and the building itself provide something for everyone to stop in and see!

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